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Podere Antico

This beautifully restored Italian country farmhouse is an ideal solution for weddings or large parties because of its typical Tuscan flavour, stone architecture, terracotta arches, fantastic views and a lush green garden which is literally picture perfect.


Technical Info for Podere Antico:


Number max of persons in accommodations: 44 persons (not including sofa beds)


Nearby hotels: 4 within 5 km


Nearby rental villas and apartments:  yes within 0,8 – 5 km


Number max of persons in reception: 200


Indoor solution available (max number of persons): 150


Space for a tent (max number of persons): yes, 200 persons


Cooking space:  Yes


Electrical outlets for DJ  and/or band:  Yes


Guest bathrooms (n°): 2


Local Civil service:  Local government building of Poppi – max 15 persons (free) or Castle of Poppi (500.-Euro) max 100 persons


Local Catholic service:  Badia di San Fedele in Poppi (church from the early 1100’s) – max 150 persons


Special characteristics:  May and June are spectacular with the roses in bloom.  Great view of the castle.  Interiors were restored with a distinct Tuscan feel, brick archways, stone walls, earthy colors and terracotta floors.  Large outdoor gazebo - ideal for antipastas or dancing.

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