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Fattoria di Presciano - have been producing wine in the Arno valley for one hundred years...

Fattoria di Presciano has what is considered a historic cantina, built in the early 1900`s - and the owner is quite knowledgable about grapes and the wine making process, he is a little slow to warm up to but when you do it he is a bottomless pit of information, especially when you start discussing about the history of wine!


Fattoria di Presciano has old origins, back from the 1800's, when it belonged to the family Serristori. It was certainly not the only family that owned and growned vines in this area, as long as many studies prove that wine making in Tuscany date back the Etruscans age, which means about 3 thousand years ago. But the Serristori were certainly the first secure information we have knowadays. The farm was a larger property and passed through some changes along the year, basicaly in terms of extension and family. From the 1930's, after the crisis the Serristori family needed to divide their property.

The vineyards were rented out to some farmers, but had not particular relevance anymore until it was bought by the current owner, Pasquale Cometti. The cellars and the manor house, fortunatelly, have been maintained almost as original. The wine making process is certainly not changed too much, as long as from that time, people has been looking for quality wines and not quantity.

The family Cometti, from Venetian origins and a large experience in wine making for generations, has invested in new tecnology for vinification, while keeping in the same time the old cellars where wine must be aged for years. Pasquale Cometti, the wine maker in charge and owner, has obtained the accreditated PIETRAVIVA D.O.C. (Controlled Origin Denomination) vintage for this specific area of production. They replanted the ancient vines of this territory and received the acknowledgement for his wine. The local varieties of grapes almost fogotten but now used in this winery are: Ciliegiolo, Canaiolo, Malvasia Bianca and Colorino del Valdarno.

Besides, other typical vines are cultivated at Fattoria di Presciano, as the classical San Giovese, the black Malvasia, a little bit of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, the famous Tuscan white type Trebbiano, white Malvasia, some Chardonnay and Sauvignon. They produce a long list of types of wines: Reds, Whites, Rosè, besides as per their Venetian origins, it is impossible to miss the sparkling wines. Lastly, the notorious Tuscan dessert wine, Vin Santo.

Many of their wines are award winnings and are present in the more influent wine guides in Italy, like the Gambero Rosso. It is possible to organize a visit to the winery and the cellars followed by a wine tasting upon request. An appointment is necessary, and to do so, please contact the Fattoria di Presciano by:

Email the Owner: Pasquale Cometti -

Phone number: 0039 0575897160


Address: Via Giovanni XXIII, 2 - Loc. Pieve a Presciano - ZIP 52020, Pergine Valdarno (AREZZO - ITALY)

The Fattoria has a wine shop where is possible to come and purchase directly their products.

The Fattoria is located in the village of Pieve a Presciano, a cosy small Tuscan town with a couple of good restaurants, worth a visit for lunch or dinner, before or after your wine tasting.

Fattoria di Presciano can be easily reached by our Tuscan Villas:














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