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Cooking class with Marisa

Book a cooking lesson with two expert chefs and the guidance of our partner, Marisa, who will assist you and translate in English language the whole lesson! Read more...


Most of our villas are able to offer a one-day cooking class in the villa or close to it in a specific place, sometimes they have their own contacts with chefs who come in the house upon appointment and sometimes the owners are chefs themselves. But not all of our villas have this possibility, so we have made a partnership with a person who can organize many kinds of services connected to catering: MARISA. She has an agency in the Casentino area, covering the whole area of Arezzo and surroundings, and offers wedding planner services and cooking classes in your villa!

Marisa knows many professional chefs and will bring them in the villa where you are staying, follow the whole lesson and translate it in English. Everything will be agreed directly with her about the menu, date and availability of the chefs, prices and number of people who will participate. The service is totally personalized and she will prepare you a quotation according to your needs, and obviously according to the possibilities to prepare certain kinds of dishes within the available time.

For example, you can learn how to make home made PIZZA or PASTA... but these are dishes that will take a long time to be prepared, so probably can't be matched with a complicated second course. This is a very funny experience, when the group not only learns how to cook some Italian dishes but also joke a lot with each other... like, comparing which dough has enlarged the most!

The deserts are also great to be prepared during the cooking lesson, and usually they are the most peculiar, because need more time, a lot of attention and accuracy... otherwise may not come! The chefs will tell you what (and how) to do, step by step, and no one will stay only watching, everybody will participate!

The typical Italian and particularly Tuscan cuisine includes many specialties based on fresh PASTA like ravioli, tagliatelle, pappardelle, gnocchi (this one is made with potatoes) and many other types. The sauces are so variate, red or white. The red ones are based on tomatoes sauce while the white ones have no tomatoes, usually made with cheese, mushrooms, or bechamel (white sauce made from butter, flour and milk). In Tuscany, meat is in the centre of the cuisine, specially game.

But not only, pork and grilled steak are allways present in many dishes. You will receive some menu proposals and choose among them, but they are really flexible to the group's preferences or intolerances.

To receive more information about cooking classes in your villa, please write us through CALL ME BACK or write us a note in the form RESERVE NOW when you request to book one of our villas.


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