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Bed sizes in Italy

It can be a little confusing since each country has its own way of describing sleeping arrangements, their own measurements and their own standards.


It can be a little confusing since each country has its own way of describing sleeping arrangements. Twins - singles - double - queen - king - french single - etc., etc. - The intent of this article is to give a bit of a guide - and it should be taken as such since size vary everywhere, especially in Tuscany where antiques reign!

Using antique bedsteads is a favorite way to showoff the wonderful Tuscan culture, but does play havoc with standard bed measurements - in fact the mattresses can vary by 4 to 5 inches in width and length.

Most bedrooms in rental homes are comprised of two single beds which can be pushed together to form a large bed or left apart - offering versatility. Just what does this mean in numbers? Well, actually quite comfortable. They are normally put together with a single fitted sheet which assists in keeping them together and stable. A single or twin mattress normally measures 36-38 inches wide (94-96 cm) and 75 inches long (192 cm). So if you double that you get a king size bed, at least in most places. It should be noted that in the USA they are used to a king bed with a few more inches in width.

However, there are many that provide what is equivalent to a queen size bed, that is 60 inches wide (155 cm) and 75 inches long (192 cm). Give or take an inch (cm) or two. Normally this is called a "matrimoniale" in Italian and a double - on our site. One last comment, most sofa beds - unless specifically stated to be a queen are to be considered a double or full size mattress OR slightly smaller! That is a 54 inch wide x 75 inch long mattress (137 cm x 192 cm).

You may also find bunk beds - standard singles, placed one on top of another. Normally used in rooms with limited space, and ideal for children or young adults. The Italians refer to them as "letto a castello". Another solution for rooms with limited space is a French double - or in laymen terms a super-sized single. You can sleep in two on this matress, especially if you are very very close...however it is better to calculate a bed like this for young children and or a single person travelling in your group.

You can click here for even more general information regarding beds and their sizes: BED SIZES (from Wikipedia)

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