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Cooking Classes in your Villa & Guest Recipes

Nothing but a dinner in Tuscany and nothing better than a Tuscan dinner in your Villa! You can have a cook come in your Villa and prepare a typical Tuscan meal for you. You will learn a lot about cooking in Tuscany, the special dishes and desserts. You also find some recipes which you can try by yourselves.

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Italian Cooking classes in your Villa

Organize and Italian cooking class in your Villa.

Panzanella - classical summer Tuscan pasta dish

Origins of this dish go back to the sheep herders who while moving the sheep long distances had very little food - and that which was to be had was normally stale bread and the local vegetables found along their trails.  This dish makes the best of both ingredients.

Dolce di Ricotta - summer dessert

Many times the Italians just lump all cheese in the salata category - thinking that it is best eaten with the main course but there are some special exceptions on the menu where the cheese can go either way depending on the condiments served.  Ricotta cheese is great with either salty foods or sweet foods and in this receipe it is great as a dessert.

Cappuccino - there is nothing else that says Italy better than a cup of...

though that opener is debatable - you will find that they defend their cappuccinos as much as they do their wine!  In Italy it is consumed mainly early in the day for breakfast, where it's consumed with cookies, biscuits, croissants or the like.  Italians never drink it with meals; though in many other countries it may be consumed throughout the day or after dinner.


Sagra is the Italian word for Food Festival.  What can you expect to find when you go?  Normally it is a group of locals in the Pro Loco (which means local promotional agency) who get together and prepare a menu with a theme. The money earned in these events is dedicated to buying things for the town folk or setting up parks and play area for the children.

Ravioli Nudi (or Gnoochi gnudi)

Perhaps one of the more classical and antique dishes in all of Italy, first mentioned in a cookbook from the 1300's  written in the old Tuscan language.  These small shaped dumplings are traditionally from cheese and flour and have changed over the years to include potatoes or as in this case spinach and ricotta cheese.

Have a dinner cooked in your villa

In most of our Tuscan Villas, you can order a cook who comes in the villa to prepare a Tuscan meal, a lunch or dinner for the day you prefer specially for your group. All you need to do is tell us at least a week in advance to organize it.

Cooking class with Marisa

Book a cooking lesson with two expert chefs and the guidance of our partner, Marisa, who will assist you and translate in English language the whole lesson! Read more...

Spaghetti con fiori di zucchini e gamberetti

Spaghetti with courgette flowers and shrimps

Pappardelle al Cinghiale

Pappardelle with wild boar sauce

Crespelle alla Fiorentina

Florentine Savoury Pancakes

Conchiglie con broccoli e panna

Pasta Shells with broccoli and cream


Ribollita means literally Twice cooked soup

RENT A COOK - treat yourself to some fine food, enjoy and relax!

If you want a professional catering during your vacation in one of our Tuscan villas you can treat yourself to some fine food and rent a cook. In accordance with you he will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, while you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

I DIVINI SAPORI Restaurant andRosticceria - Catering Service and Home Delivery

I Divini Sapori is a small cozy family restaurant situated in Bibbiena, in the Casentino valley. Here you can enjoy typical Tuscan meals as tagliatelle al ragù, ravioli, veal escapole, wild boar and much more. This is a really unique restaurant in the valley because is the only one that offers a special service: HOME DELIVERY.

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