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Wedding in Tuscany - Some Special Proposals

Getting married in Tuscany will be a very special event for a lifetime. Here you find general information on paperwork for your wedding as well as selected Villas in Tuscany which are perfect for a wedding group from 20 to 200 guests. You find proposals from classic to modern weddings in different areas in whole Tuscany.

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General Wedding Info

Getting Married in Italy can be a pleasant, memorable and relaxing experience…just like drinking a glass of Chianti red wine.


The a brief checklist  for getting married in Tuscany:

Podere Antico

This beautifully restored Italian country farmhouse is an ideal solution for weddings or large parties because of its typical Tuscan flavour, stone architecture, terracotta arches, fantastic views and a lush green garden which is literally picture perfect.


Fattoria is located in the Tuscan hills with a traditional Tuscan look about it.  You will find a large beautiful estate, meticulously cared for garden area and a spacious building with a large gazebo next door for your recption area.

Wedding in a Chianti winery

This lovelly winery in the Chianti borders holds many villas and independent cottages listed in our website which can make all together a majestic location for a perfect wedding.

Wedding in a very elegant winery close to PISA

Casalone is a very elegant and refined location for the wedding of your dreams! Inside a lovely winery close to Pisa, immersed in the beautiful local vineyards, you find this classic manor house on a natural plateau with stunning views.

CERTALDO a medieval hill town perfect for your wedding!

A wedding in a medieval atmosphere… nowhere better than Tuscany! In the heart of Tuscany, within short distance from Florence or Pisa airports, rises the medieval town of Certaldo Alto. Located on top of a hill, overlooking a stunning landscape, the birth town of the famous poet Boccaccio looks like a fairy tale setting.

CASTELLO DI MONTEPULCIANO: a historical setting for your wedding!

CASTELLO DI MONTEPULCIANO offers a stunning setting for a wedding: a Castle built in the 13th century, in front of the façade, a lush Italian garden with an original private Chapel and a stunning swimming pool area with view over the vineyards.

Agazzi - a modern venue for an elegant wedding at Arezzo

A modern villa located on a top hill of the countryside just outside Arezzo, with a stunning outdoor area, large swimming pool with wonderful views during the day and evening, tastefully taken care spaces where to set an unforgettable wedding reception in Tuscany...

Wedding at Foiano della Chiana - Chiana Villa

A stunning venue for the wedding of your dreams, within walking distance to Foiano della Chiana, a charming medieval village in the heart of Tuscany surrounding by the typical golden and green panorama...

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