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Enchanting property in the Tuscan hillside, this charming villa has a covered terrace in a lush green garden. Set on a deluxe Residence you will find many comforts.

2 Bedrooms 4 + 2 Max Persons - High 1450.- € Mid 1450.- € Low 1300.- €

Charming villetta in the hillside of Tuscany with private garden and stunning view of a medieval castle

  • Two bedrooms and one bathroom with shower - all on ground floor

  • Large eat-in kitchen area with direct access to garden and private gazebo

  • Seperate living room area with sofa bed and fully functional fireplace

  • Less than 200 meters to one of the three shared pools on the estate

  • Within walking distance of delicious restaurant with fantastic panoramic view.


Ginepra Tuscany-Villas Best Price Guarantee

  Year Bedrooms Bathrooms Max Persons High Mid Low
Reserve now 2016 2 1 4 + 2 1450.- €  1450.- €  1300.- € 



Nice restaurant that makes everything: bruschetteria, pizzeria, pub and ice cream shop... really for all tastes!

  • Adress: Via Don Milani - Bibbiena
  • Phone number: 0575 560511
  • Closing day: Thursday
I Divini Sapori

Delicious restaurant in the town of Bibbiena with typical Tuscany dishes. Everything is homemade. Opened every day at lunch time and dinner. Fish dishes on Tuesday and Friday. Home delivery service upon request.

Il Tirabuscio

Elegant and tastey dishes, accompanied by an extensive wine list. The chef has lots of fun inventing new menus which will satisfy a local clientele and entice the foreigners to try something just a little more adventurous.It is small and quaint - setting; a great romantic environment, though not neceessarily a restaurant for small kids, upon request the cook will accomodate their little tastebuds. You will find it relaxing, the cook is entertaining and often comes out to meet his guests. The food is excellent and the prices are moderate. All my referrals have been very happy with the quality, the service and the environment.  

La Tavernetta

nice restaurant-pizzeria in the centre of bibbiena

  • Adress: Via delle monache - Bibbiena
  • Phone number: 0575 536917
Emo Bruschetteria

A very nice outside dinning place right in the historic centre of Poppi. Toasted bread with typical Italian sauces - the famous BRUSCHETTA is their specialty... Very cozy outside dinning area!

Ristorante Camaldoli

The special feature of this place is the "schiacciata". It's a kind of home made bread that you can fill with what you prefer such as mushrooms, prosciutto, salame, pecorino and much more. Local people used to came to Camaldoli during the summer to a walk through the nature and then have a break at the restaurant for a schiacciata. This restaurant offers also delicoius Tuscan dishes and desserts. Everything is home made. There is also a bar for an ice-cream or a coffe.

  • Adress: Camaldoli - Poppi
  • Phone number: 0575 556019
  • Date: From April 01 2012 to October 01 2012
Ristorante Casentino

Located next to the castle of Poppi. Menu: local dishes of Casentino as home-made pasta, grilled and roast meat, great wine selection with sommelier service.

Ristorante Campaldino

This is a tipical Tuscan Restaurant with traditional plates and a great wine selection. Located in Ponte a Poppi on teh main road.

La Tana Degli Orsi

Welcoming and informal atmosphere plus extremely friendly and helpful staff: together to the excellent quality of the dishes and reasonable prices this is one of the most recommendable restaurants in the area. Most ingredients are local and come from companies in the region. Reservations well in advance are necessary! Special: fabulous appetizers. Great wine list.

Bar Scarpaccia

A one of a kind of experience that truly merits a stop.  This is not your traditional sit down type of restaurant, but if you are looking for some of the best Italian salumis and cheese and relish the idea of eating just like the farmers would then this is a must stop for you!

Ristorante Falterona Gli Accaniti


La Verna

The holy place of la Verna, a cozy small town in the Casentino mountains, is the place where San Francesco d'Assisi lived. He fouded the Monastery and the Francescani monks. The monastery is built on a spur of rock. Here you will se where San Francesco used to pray and sleep. The nature all around is really amazing and quite. Is a really peacefull place. Even for those who don't believe in God is a place of admires. In the Basilica church you will see many famous works of the brothers Della Robbia. Another place to see is where San Francesco got the stigmata.

Castello dei Conto Guidi

The Castelo di Poppi dates back to the 10th century. Its open to visitors all year long. Great views of unspoiled Tuscany. Have a visit!

Zoological Park

This is the first zoological Park with European flora and fauna. It's the right place to spend a day with you family. It's open every day of the year from 9 AM until sunsire. Inside you will find also a typical Tuscan restaurant and picnic areas furnished with barbecue, tables and chairs. You will enjoy it!


Sagra del Pane

This is the bread festival. In the cozy town of Rimbocchi, in the casentino valley, is celebrate with music, stands and dinner the local bread. The bread of Rimbocchi is well known in the valley, is considered one of the best. Here you will enjoy the dinner with typical local dishes, music and much fun.

  • Adress: Rimbocchi - Chiusi della Verna
  • Date: From August 05 2012 to August 07 2012
  • This event takes places every year, same timeframe!
Sagra del Tortello

La Sagra del Tortello is a beautiful event in the historical town of Corezzo (Chiusi della Verna. The "Tortello" is a tipycal home made pasta with potatoes inside. You can have it cooked or "alla lastra" (cooked on a sheet of metal). Here you can enjoy also other Tuscan dishes. Every night while eating there is music concerts to end the night dancing! See the firts minutes of fireworks on

Free Organ Concerts in the church of La Verna

In July and August there are free organ concerts in the Basilika of La Verna. Each Wednesday starting at 9 P.M. There is no entrance fee. Organists from different countries will play on the great organ with 100 registers.

La Mea

La Mea is an historical festival in Bibbiena. The history of this town said that Bibbiena was divided in 2 different neighborhoods: those who lived in the main square called “Piazzolini” which was the rich side of the town and the “Fondaccini” on the other side. The Piazzolini used to have the most beautiful buildings but the Fondaccini used to have the most beautiful ladies, as the girl “La Mea”. La Mea was fiancé to a “Fondaccino” guy. One day a rich “Piazzolino” guy saw her and wanted to be with her. In that moment a big fight started between the two guys for the beautiful Mea. It became a popular war between the Piazzolini and Fondaccini where at the end la Mea goes back to her original fiancé. In symbolize the peace between the two neighborhoods a big fire was burned on the main square. This festival last 2 days at the end of July. You will enjoy the all historical revocation with people dressed in ancient costumes, jugglers, typical food and music.

Sagra del Raviolo

On this three days you will enjoy homemade ravioli. Ravioli are a typical delicious Tuscan pasta. After the dinner where you will have also many other typical Tuscan dishes there will be music and fireworks!

Sagra delle Sagre

Sagra delle Sagre is a yearly big event in Bibbiena. This year it will be on Saturday 18th of June. During the summer period the Casentino valley hosts several popular festivals where each town in the valley shows its typical products for example wine, cheese, fruits and meat. A group of young people from Bibbiena calling themselves “NOI che… Bibbiena” is trying to organize touristic attractions. For the second year Sagra delle Sagre is a reunion of the most famous folkloristic festivals in Casentino. Walking through the center of Bibbiena you will find many stands each representing a different town and its typical products as bread, tartufo, pasta, mushrooms and meat. It’s a full immersion in the Tuscan art of cooking. It starts at 6.30 PM. There you won’t miss music, fun and adventure.

  • Adress: Historic centre of Bibbiena - Bibbiena
  • Date: June 18 2012
  • This event takes places every year, same timeframe!
Festa del Fungo Porcino

This is the fest of the Porcino mushroom. On this three days you will enjoy any kind of dishes with Porcini as well as other typical Tuscan dishes. After the dinner there will be a party with music and much fun.

Festa del Vino Gusto dei Guidi

You can taste the most famous wines of Tuscany in a unique scenery. The private wine cellars of POPPI dating back to the 12th and 13th century will be open to public visit. They will be closed for the rest of the year so don’t loose this special event! Each year the last weekend in August Friday to Sunday starting at 5 PM.

Sagra della Ranocchia

This is a really particular event. Is the frog's festivals. Actually is not that happy for this little animal as on this event they are cooked. People use to fried them and eat the legs. As this uncommon dish is not for everybody you will find a large menu with differents Tuscan dishes as home made pasta, grilled meat and much more. After the dinner there is music and people will end the party dancing, drinking and having fun together!

Sagra della Trota

In the cozy town of Papiano every year the people celebrate the fish TROTA. During the day you can visit the place where you can go fishing and learn everything about this fish. At dinner you will enjoy la trota cooked in many diferent ways. There is also live music to enjoy the night. The day after is the same for lunch and dinner.


Notte Rosa - Poppi

In the medieval town of Poppi, each year, there is a day called NOTTE ROSA, where you will find all the shops open until night, music and a firework show at the castle.

  • Date: From July 23 2012 to July 24 2012
  • This event takes places every year, same timeframe!

Every second year beginning of September for nearly one week there is a huge fair in STIA dedicated to the art and work of blacksmiths. More than 70 artists show their work. Some of them can be watched while creating the next piece of art or decoration. You can buy really nice pieces directly from the producer. Besides this there is music, dance and good food the whole week long.

Biennale Pietra Lavorato

Each year end of August for 1 week there is a huge fair in Strada in Casentino dedicated to stone sculptures and art. More than 50 artists show their work. The 2011 theme is PIETRA ET MODA Stone and Fashion. Some artists can be watched while working. There is music, dance and good food the whole week long.


Casentino Rally

Check out the dates of this competition. Is an exciting experience. Feel the adrenaline of this cars running around the roads of the Casentino Valley. The final premiation is in the historical town of Bibbiena.

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Elegant and tastey dishes, accompanied by an extensive wine list. The chef has lots of fun inventing new menus which will satisfy a local clientele and entice the foreigners to try something just a little more adventurous.

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